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Cause programmer or not, you're gonna get into programmer's turf every now and then, when solving several problems into CAD software. Basic version of Draftsight is free for anyone, and there is a Linux version. You have to register but they don't hassle. Yep, 2D is certainly not obsolete - millions of us still have to produce 2D stuff.

Otherwise, FreeCAD looks interesting, but is only at about version 0. Who knows - maybe I'll end up doing them Fact is none of these tools solve even close to the same thing as the commercial CAD tools do. BRL is the closest, but its modeling last time i use was just appalling. The others why even include 2d? I'd agree that there really isn't a direct replacement to AutoCAD. The other issue is that for quick and 'dirty' creation, things like TinkerCAD can help you put a concept model together quite fast without installing a program. But since both of them aren't open source, they don't need comment time.

I've also used Blender to make a model of parts of a standing desk. Unfortunately I see too many situations where users try to use these OpenSource Apps as an alternative to AutoCAD but rarely does it work out for them. Being in the education business, I've trained many individuals that tried using them but found themselves either limited with what they needed done or restricted with their clients that needed to view the CAD drawing.

It runs native under Linux, Licens fee around Eur. I find it interesting how many people make idiotic comments about proprietary software on an opensource web site.. Great article on Open Source Alternatives.

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I've been an AutoCad user for over 25 years and have been using Revit since I have a huge library that I have built over the years therefore another Cad software program would have to blow my mind for me to consider switching. Julia Longtin, the president of HacDC. The source code is written in Haskell, and it promises to handle curves much better -- or so Julia says. NOTE: faikvm. Disclaimer: I'm currently on the board at HacDC, as I was too slow stepping backwards when they asked for volunteers. Hi, Jason Baker, I have pleased to read the article which is full of information about Cad software program.

Thanks and have a nice day! SolveSpace is my favorite. It can do more than all the others, and is extremely fast, small and elegant. FreeCAD uses python for its kernel, so it's awfully slow, but gets a lot of contributions. I would like to use it for my first done image process. Open source computer-aided design software may not have all the functionality of proprietary solutions, but it may have everything you actually need. Image credits :.


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Free CAD Software

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    Top 10 Free Open Source CAD Software for Designing a DIY Shipping Container House 2018

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    FreeCAD - Browse /FreeCAD MacOSX at

    Joe Dunne on 27 May Permalink. I'd like to add one more App. Onshape Starting Tues May 31 HAL on 16 Jan Permalink. Deserves a try :. Dan Risacher on 14 Jul Permalink. Try Draftsight.

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    Only 2D but a quite good one. Free for student use only. Martin Clark on 31 May Permalink. Jabberwocky on 07 Nov Permalink. If you need something simple done quickly, QCAD is a no fuss, no muss way to get you your 2D drawings done. Image Source: Ricky Jordan. DraftSight is a free to use 2D CAD program based upon an open business model and caters to professional architects, engineers, and draftsmen. The program promises its users a much better way to open, edit, and share DWG files.

    Fully ready versions of the programs for Mac will be available soon. DraftSight is accessible and usable for all users regardless of skill level. This includes certified CAD professionals and draftsmen, students and educators in the academe, and even hobbyists looking to learn how to do some simple CAD-work. Additionally, the online community surrounding and discuss the product is highly helpful. On the Dessault website, one can find forums and discussions that can provide new users of the program and novice CAD-work operators with some tips, tricks, and insights about using the program and CAD work in general.

    Top 10 Free CAD Software

    The professional version can only be run on a PC for now. However, even with the limited capabilities of the beta version available on Mac, the program still has a lot of features one can use to help one create simple 2D drafts and documents.

    On the onset, the most striking thing about SketchUp is its interface. The ease of use of the program is due to the neat and very tidy way the buttons and functions are arranged on the SketchUp workspace. You can actually customize this simple surface and make things as complicated or as simple as you want. There are a bunch of intuitive tools as well when it comes to working with SketchUp. You can use these tools to effectively navigate around the SketchUp interface, you can accurately and efficiently create and sculpt geometry and models in a fully operable 3-D view, and you can create ready to print 3D models from scratch even as a beginner to the program.

    SketchUp is available as a paid program and with good reason. You could even add extra features to the program by installing certain user-made extensions, with a lot of them free of charge, to give you functionalities that could cut some significant time off of your usual workflow. The online community for SketchUp support is lively as well. The SketchUp 3D Warehouse is an online library of over 2 million SketchUp models that can be downloaded and open directly in the program.

    This is the result of the hardwork of the SketchUp community, modeling different products or space and uploading them onto the 3D Warehouse. And with the rise of 3D printing as an industry, SketchUp is slowly being considered one of the best go-to products for the 3D sculpting and printing community.

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