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Bernie Mac Movies List: Best To Worst

Great supporting cast and it wasn't just all stupid humor. Friday actually had a pretty good story to go with it. One of my favorite quotes ever comes from this movie when Tucker says "You just got knocked the fuck out! Very fun to watch and still is. That movie is hilarious and completely opposite of Friday. It is over the top but very fun to watch. The Wayans brothers, especially in the 90's, had a direct line to my funny bone. The drive by shooting at the end of the film is still something that makes me laugh every time.

Mitch Henessey Deploy the cow-catcher Joined: Mar 14, Messages: 4, Likes Received: 2, Above The Rim. I really enjoyed Tupac's performance in this film.

Know another quote from Above the Rim?

His character was sneaky in this film, but he also had a nasty dark side. Bernie Mac provided some comic relief, and Marlon Wayans surprised me when I first saw this film years ago. I was always used to seeing him as a goofball, and he did provide some laughs in this film, but he made me feel some sympathy for his character with his performance. Above The Rim featured a good amount of drama, and there were two interesting storylines here.

Duane Martin's character was trying to become a man, but he had trouble dealing with his Mom's new boyfriend. Shep was struggling with demons, and you wanted to see if he could move on with his life. Also, this film had an awesome soundtrack. Juice would be a close second for me.

*Above the Rim*

Tupac was just great here. Sheppard, played by Five Heartbeats hall-of-famer Leon, is a former prep basketball star who loses his drive to succeed after the death of his best friend. His redemption runs parallel to the development of the protagonist Kyle, played by Duane Martin, who is a hotshot high school basketball star on his way to Georgetown.

They just totally ignore it like his behavior is normal. Here now are the four craziest Thomas Sheppard moments from Above the Rim. That time Shep and Nutso wanted to see who had the most hops using a basketball hoop erected on the side of a freaking building. What happened to Nutso? Nutso plummeted to his death when he slapped the backboard on his rooftop hoop so hard that it gave way, and he experienced the most horrific death that one can imagine. I feel bad leading off the list with this moment because a it was traumatic for Shep and b there is no evidence that Shep personally erected the basket on the edge of a twenty-story building.

You should never, under any circumstances, engage in any sport least of all basketball or vertical jump testing , on a New York rooftop. Maybe the rooftop game is a common occurrence in places like New York; I grew up in a flat dusty West Texas town, so I have no frame of reference. But that does not make it a good idea. Look, I get it. Basketball never stops.

I would add a New York rooftop with a guy named Nutso to that list. That time Shep was playing basketball without a ball in the park.

THE FIRST 100 YEARS 1893–1993

Yes, Tom Sheppard, former hoops legend, is getting his workout in without the most important piece of equipment. I guess you could argue the hoop is the most important piece of equipment, but people shoot into hollowed crates and bicycle rims all the time. Hell, the inventor of the game used peach baskets, indicating how inconsequential an actual basketball rim is to the equation.

Anyway, several things are going on here that make this moment so crazy. For starters, we learn through the movie that Shep has a steady source of income through his job as a security guard. Second, Shep is not crazy per se. I mean, he has no mental health issues.

Does it have Coolio greeting Earthlings? Does it have a track with Barry White and Chris Rock singing about basketball? Is there still time? Can we CGI it? Everybody wants to roll with Birdie. I still say Popovich. My personal Tupac Movie Character power rankings:. Birdie, Above the Rim : He changed bandanna fashion forever.

He also inspired my friend Eric in middle school to practice holding a razor blade in the side of his mouth and blowing it through his lips without cutting himself. But the acting is so good that it demands a level of respect and reverence that goes beyond flat-out enjoyment. Like Penn, Shakur gives each of his characters a unique spiritual temperature.

The Best Ever Black Gangster Movies That You'll Be Trippin' On

Now, he brings barbed comic edges to the role of Birdie, a Harlem operator who carries a razor blade in his mouth and flashes his big, gleaming teeth like a happy wolf. A junior Don King, Birdie presides over the local playground basketball games, which he turns into high-stakes contests. Shakur gives the movie a charge of excitement.

In Juice , he falls to his death. In Above the Rim , a Wayans brother guns him down. Well, how many of the actors who played those roles were actually murdered?

No star point guard from New York can actually hit a jump shot. But for me, the most unrealistic moment will always be Marlon Wayans dunking two-handed. Ed Norton probably had enough stuff running through his body in that movie to lift a Jeep Cherokee over his head.

They just threw it in with a bad edit and everything. I think you just have to play it safe, dial up Jamie Hector, and ask him to be Marlo Stanfield again. But you could never find anyone as perfect as Tupac. He did it in this movie and Juice , and even in his music. Rewatching this movie at 2 a. Jordan plays Kyle, please. RAFE: Absolutely. And not just because Wayans dunked two-handed and shot Tupac. You could see how hard he tried to be like his actually funny older brothers on In Living Color , and his act could be both endearing and annoying. Also, no movie captures the hideous, awkward glory of young Marlon as well as Above the Rim does.

Is there any way Kyle actually gets into Georgetown?

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Did you recognize the scout they had in the stands? A fiery point guard with a few red flags ending up at Georgetown might be the most plausible part of this whole movie. Kyle is no Victor Page. Q: If you could start your all-time basketball team with one defensive player, would you pick Bill Russell or Tommy Sheppard?