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Convert text to the ePub ebook format

Yes, there is and it is a much better way to correctly convert any ebook file format to a pdf file. On top of that, the quality of the conversion may not be perfect. Pdf portable document format files were developed by Adobe Systems.

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Convert EPUB to PDF

They are useful if you want to print out parts of an ebook. This is very helpful for students because so many textbooks are now using electronic publication or ebooks.

Online ePub converter

It is also a practical way to send an ebook to a reader who does not have an electronic reading device such as a Kindle. Epub format, developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum is one of the most common ebook file types.

It is used by most publishers and online ebook retailers, apart from Amazon Kindle which uses its proprietary AWZ file format. No matter what format your ebook is in, epub, mobi or AWZ you can convert it to pdf very quickly. Or in other words, it looks very nice and it is really simple to understand and learn how to use. You can download a version of Calibre for Windows, Mac or Linux, depending on your computer operating system.

How to convert ebooks to PDF, ePUB, Kindle Mobi formats on Mac OS X

Once you install the Calibre ebook converter, you are ready to start uploading and converting your ebook files. If you do not know where your ebook files are, you can read this how-to guide to back up your files from your Kindle.

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Convert EPUB to PDF

For Apple iBooks, this short tutorial will help you find your epub files on your Mac. Click on the Add Book button, and select your book file in whatever format it is and you are ready to change your ebook to pdf format. When converting the PDF files, you can custom the font size, then the file will be suitable for more different ereaders. If you are not sure where your ebooks are saved, you can click "Search Files" button to make the program find all the files for you.

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If you want to select multiple ebooks simultaneously, click the check box on the left. If you want to set the font size or other parameters of the PDF, click "Settings" button on the top right corner to set it.

After setting, click "OK" button to save the changes. Click "Start" button to start converting.