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7 Best GameBoy (GBA) Emulators for PC:
  1. Visual Boy Advance - A Game Boy Advance Emulator For Multiple Platforms [Windows, Mac & Linux]
  2. Pokemon Emerald
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Where can i download roms? Sorry, im not the most tech literate so any help is appreciated.

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The few standalone GBA emulators for mac that have existed aren't really kept up to date anymore, and thus shouldn't be bothered with. Anything you want you can get from the two emulators already mentioned here.

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Just adding another vote for OpenEmu. I don't think there is any emulator software on any other OS that is as well built and designed as OpenEmu is. You can also apply filters to get the feel you want like a CRT filter, etc and even switch between various emulators for a single system. However, it does work with Intel Macs running Lion. VisualBoyAdvance isn't perfect but is a must for all hardcore fans of GameBoy games.

Visual Boy Advance - A Game Boy Advance Emulator For Multiple Platforms [Windows, Mac & Linux]

You can emulate all the games of the popular portable Nintendo consoles. This emulator makes me sad. I cannot open ANY game without this thing crashing.

VBA Pokemon Fire Red Mac - How to add Cheat Code

The game will not even start before it crashes. Cons: Crashes every time I try to open a game More.

Pokemon Emerald

The first time I encountered the Visualboyadvance emulator was when I started my first playthrough of Mother 3. Now I can talk all day about that one week it took my to complete the game, and let me tell you this: the emulator was fantastic. It was able to keep a constant frame-rate, it allowed up to ten save-states very handy in this particular game , I could fullscreen it and sit back and play in my bed, it even emulated Gamesharks and Action Replays which I didn't use much, but still very impressive.

When my PC eventually went ka-put on me out of complete nowhere, I had to resort to my brother's Macbook and the experience was less than stellar. It was shameful. Pros: -Frame-rate is constant.

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What do you think about VisualBoyAdvance Do you recommend it? If the download doesn't start automatically, click here. Advanced search. Bestiary Complete Submitted by ventureman.

User guide: Cheat codes

Enemies Don't Attack Submitted by ventureman. Enemies Have HP 0 Submitted by ventureman. Gain 50, Exp Submitted by ventureman. Have All Espers Submitted by ventureman. Have All Magic Submitted by ventureman. Have Blitz Skills Submitted by ventureman. Have Bushido Skills Submitted by ventureman.

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Have Dance Skills Submitted by ventureman. Have Lore Skills Submitted by ventureman.