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  1. What is Active Garbage Collection for SSDs?
  2. How can I optimize my MBP's SSD drive… - Apple Community

What is Active Garbage Collection for SSDs?

Wilders Security Forums. Joined: Jan 25, Posts: 5, But I really have no experience with that OS so either wait for someone with that experience to join this thread, or visit a Mac forum. If you get your answer elsewhere, please post an update back here so we can learn something too. Joined: Feb 3, Posts: 7, Location: Among the gum trees.

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I don't know if this is the link they sent mantra, but it does explain it. Krusty , Oct 6, Rainwalker , Oct 6, Again, that does not explain why TRIM was disabled in the first place.

How can I optimize my MBP's SSD drive… - Apple Community

So, do you absolutely need to enable TRIM? It would seem, for some reason, your OS did not enable it. I don't know.

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  • Again, that might be something best asked in a Mac forum but according to this C NET article , because your SSD was factory installed, it should have been enabled. The Algolia blog post steps through the problems the company detected and notes that Samsung is now investigating these issues itself.

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    Crucial has a feature called Active Garbage Collection. It is built into the firmware and runs independent of the operating system and filesystem. Garbage Collection needs to be given time to work, but as long as it has the idle time it needs, the drive will maintain its high performance over time, despite the lack of TRIM support in OSX. Everyone at Upgradeable is a Mac user, we own Macs, we love our Macs.

    What we recommend is what we use!

    HOW and WHY to Enable TRIM support for a Solid State Hard Drive

    We all use Crucial SSD drives. We understand it is important for Mac users to choose components that will either outlast the Mac or be usable for a long time.