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A year after that, Christine phoned up Mick and was nosing around about wanting to rejoin the band. I think she was trying to nose around to see if there was any openness to it before she got too assertive or specific about it.

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It was unbelievable. We only expected to do it for a couple of weeks but we stayed for a month. So riddle-me-ree: given that this album has involvement from so many members of the band, how many songs could have been Fleetwood Mac songs? Well, defining something being a Fleetwood Mac song is calling it a Fleetwood Mac song, you know? I spoke to Christine last year and asked her where this Fleetwood Mac album is: Mick had said he wants to make another one, Stevie [Nicks] said it was unlikely, Christine said seven tracks were done.

I think she was mis-speaking there …. What did you want people to know about you?

Can we talk about Holiday Road please? I look back briefly on it … It was just one of those things that happened to work very well for that movie.

Fleetwood Mac Song Meanings (page 2) | UnmaskUs

So, Tom, I know you're standing next to me, because you always have been for so many years," she finished, her voice breaking into tears. When you hear a Fleetwood Mac record, you know who it is, so that's a unique quality. And then they had staying power — for all this time, from when they started until now, they were as good and strong and solid as ever. Portnow also explained how he recruited former president Bill Clinton to deliver the band's introduction at the awards ceremony. Fleetwood Mac, the five of us together, in my mind is a very sacred thing.

Fleetwood Mac -, & contsuthatpkil.tkood talk about the band - Radio Broadcast 16/12/2013

I mean, I was not the one doing the leaving; she left me. There was never really any chance to get anything like closure, because that takes perhaps some distance. So that kind of is how we got along. And I think you cut to 20 or 30 years later, and that leads to a kind of a fragmented relationship.

Fleetwood Mac on booting Buckingham: ‘We weren’t happy’

You know, she basically is living her professional life. Buckingham told CBS there was recently a break in the logjam of no communication from his estranged bandmates. Know that I miss you so much. This could be just Christine expressing wishful thinking, or expressing something that she thinks will make me feel better.

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But nothing would make me happier than if we were going to do something like a farewell tour. I like to look forward. And that certainly served me well this year.