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  1. How to get your Applications Folder in your Dock – Mac OS X
  2. How to Launch Applications on a Mac
Add Application folder to your Mac's dock and desktop icons.

Illustrator Illustrator Quick Tip: Simply add your Apps folder to the Dock. Continue Reading.

How to get your Applications Folder in your Dock – Mac OS X

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How to Launch Applications on a Mac

Applications folder gone from Mac and want know how to get it back? Read this post to get easy methods to restore missing Application folder to Finder or Dock. Is there anyone who knows how to get it back?

Thank you! Applications folder in Finder shows all your Mac apps and you can quickly manage your apps in this folder, no matter the apps are downloaded from App Store or websites. Keep reading on this post to get the answers.

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Also Read: If you inadvertently remove your Applications folder from Finder sidebar, you can get it back with following steps:. After restoring the Application folder in Finder, you can add it to Dock to quickly access Applications on Mac.